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DDR2 (Double Data Rate 2) Fully Buffered DIMM (FBDIMM) is a cost-effective, high-density, high-speed memory solution for high-performance and mainstream blade servers, computing clusters, high-end enterprise servers, and telecommunications applications. Before FBDIMM, system designers were forced to compromise between high speeds and high density. Using a point-to-point architecture, efficient board design and cutting-edge thermal engineering, Netlist DDR2 FBDIMMs minimize the adverse effects of loading without sacrificing signal integrity. As a result, designers can put more memory into their servers and still maintain high-speed operation.

Ordering Information

DDR2-667 240-pin Fully Buffered DIMM
Part Number Density Description DRAM Density Form-Factor
NMD127A21207F-D53 1GB 667MHz 1Rx8 1Gb Planar LP
NMD257A21207F-D53 2GB 667MHz 2Rx8 1Gb Planar LP
NMD517A22503F-D53 4GB 667MHz 2Rx8 1Gb Planar LP
NMD517A21207F-D53 4Gb 667MHz 4Rx8 1Gb Planar LP
NMD1G7A2510BF-D53 8GB 667MHz 2Rx8 4Gb DDP Planar LP
NMD1G7A25103F-D53 8GB 667MHz 2Rx8 2Gb Planar LP
NMD1G7A22507F-D53 8GB 667MHz 4Rx8 2Gb Planar LP


DDR2-800 240-pin Fully Buffered DIMM
Part Number Density Description DRAM Desntiy Form-Factor
NMD127A21207F-D64 1GB 800MHz 1Rx8 1Gb Planar LP
NMD257A21207F-D64 2GB 800MHz 2Rx8 1Gb Planar LP
NMD517A22503F-D64 4GB 800MHz 2Rx8 1Gb Planar LP 
NMD517A21207F-D64 4GB 800MHz 4Rx8 1Gb Planar LP 
NMD1G7A25103F-D64 8GB 800MHz 2Rx8 2Gb Planar LP 
NMD1G7A2510BF-D64 8GB 800MHz 2Rx8 4Gb DDP Planar LP
NMD1G7A22507F-D64 8GB 800MHz 4Rx8 2Gb Planar LP

JEDEC Standard Max. Dimensions in mm (LxHxW):
133.3 x 30.5 x 7.5

How to Order

For additional information, call us at (949) 679-0100 or email info@netlist.com.