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DDR2 Overview


DDR2 is the 2nd generation of DDR memory and is the current standard in the computing industry.  Netlist is proud to offer one of the industry’s broadest DDR2 product selections including registered and fully buffered modules in a variety of densities, speeds and configurations to support even the most demanding high performance computing applications.  DDR2 operates at 1.8V supply and is scalable up to 800MT/s (million transfers per second). This technology offers increased performance and bandwidth compared to DDR1.

The advanced architecture and scalability gives Netlist’s DDR2 many advantages over earlier standards including faster speeds, better signal integrity, lower power consumption and better thermal characteristics.  The reduced power consumption and thermals of DDR2 modules make them the ideal solution for blade and rack servers with limited air flow.  Netlist has also engineered highly integrated components to enable maximum density modules to support the most throughput and ultra-low latency for greater performance and reliability.  Netlist DDR2 modules strictly adhere to JEDEC specifications and are optimized for high performance blade servers, computing clusters, high-end enterprise servers and telecommunications applications.

Netlist’s family of DDR2 modules is available with several options including ECC and supports densities up to 8GB.   Netlist offers a full range of form factors including DDR2 SO-DIMM (200-pin Small Outline DIMM), SO-CDIMM (200-pin small-outlined clocked DIMM), SO-RDIMM (200-pin small-outline registered DIMM), UDIMM (240-pin Unbuffered DIMM), RDIMM (240-pin Registered DIMM), Mini-DIMM (244-pin Registered Mini-DIMM) and FBDIMM (240-pin fully buffered DIMM) solutions.  These high speed, cost-effective modules leverage Netlist's complex proprietary design and layout techniques to maximize board density and performance. 

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