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Netlist DDR3 is the third generation of double data rate memory technology, an emerging standard operating at 1.5V supply and promising up to 1600MT/s (million transfers per second). It improves the performance per watt as it delivers low power consumption and high bandwidth. Based on JEDEC specifications, Netlist DDR3 modules offer unprecedented transfer rates, ultra-low latency and continue the architectural improvements and performance evolutions evident in preceding generations of memory.

DDR3 is the ideal solution for the upcoming generation of powerful, high performance applications including feature-rich computing, networking, communications, servers and gaming. These advanced memory modules are also available in larger densities and specialized form factors.

Netlist’s new family of DDR3 modules is available with several options including ECC and supports densities up to 4GB with 8GB solutions on the horizon. Netlist offers specialty form factors including DDR3 SO-DIMM (204-pin Small Outline DIMM), UDIMM (240-pin Unbuffered DIMM) and RDIMM solutions. These extremely powerful modules are available with CSP packaging.