• 512MB & 1GB memory capacity
  • Fast backup & restore times
  • Preserves system cache during system fault
  • Eliminates battery & maintenance costs
  • Lowers TCO & reduces system downtime


NVvault DDR2 is Netlist’s first generation flash-based, ultracapacitor-backed memory subsystem that protects mission critical data during power losses, system failures, and catastrophic events, making possible a quick and simplified system recovery.

NVvault DDR2 Power Module Unit (PMU) is ultracapacitor-based and is designed to provide the necessary energy to facilitate complete backup operations under various temperatures and lifetime reliabilities.

Ordering Information

Part Number Density Speed Description Form-Factor
NHW647R26407F 512MB DDR2 800MHz NVvault Module mini-RDIMM 47mm x 94mm x 5.9mm
NHW127R21207F 1GB DDR2 800MHz NVvault Module mini-RDIMM 47mm x 94mm x 5.9mm
NLU01/54-01 - - 2x25F Ultracapacitor PMU 37mm x 33mm x17mm
NLU02/54-01 - - 2x50F Ultracapacitor PMU 46mm x 37mm x19mm


How to Order

For additional information, call us at (949) 679-0100 or email info@netlist.com.