• 1, 2, and 4GB memory module capacities
  • 1333MT/s operation
  • Support up to 3 DIMMs per channel
  • Fast restore times
  • JEDEC compatible DDR3 RDIMM interface
  • In-field FPGA programmability
  • Programmable address space backup
  • On-line module statistics for flash endurance and power module status
  • Hardware & software interrupt support


NVvault™ DDR3 is Netlist’s next generation non-volatile DIMM (NVDIMM) subsystem that protects vital data during system failures, power losses, and catastrophic events, making possible a quick and simplified system recovery. The module delivers 1333MT/s throughput rates, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities, multi-DIMM per channel support and additional feature set enhancements.

NVvault DDR3 modules utilize Netlist’s proprietary Vault cache-to-flash controller and works in conjunction with general purpose CPUs, RAID On Chip ICs (ROCs), and other devices with a standard DDR3 interface. By combining the high performance of DDR3 DRAM with the non-volatility of flash, NVvault addresses the performance & data preservation requirements found in storage virtualization, RAID, and other cache protection and data logging applications requiring high throughput.

The, NVvault DDR3 eliminates batteries in traditional data preservation schemes by utilizing an ultracapacitor for backup power.

Ordering Information

Part Number Form-Factor Capacity Form-Factor
1GB NVvault™ DDR3 RDIMM (133.33mm x 30mm) 2x25F - 32mm x 33mm x 17mm
2GB NVvault™ DDR3 RDIMM (133.33mm x 30mm) 2x25F - 32mm x 33mm x 17mm
4GB NVvault™ DDR3 RDIMM (133.33mm x 30mm) 2x50F - 46mm x 37mm x 19mm


How to Order

For additional information, call us at (949) 679-0100 or email info@netlist.com.