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What we do

Netlist, Inc is changing the speed with which data is turned into information. We aim to be an integral part of the acceleration of business insight, digital social interaction and the Internet of Things.

We achieve this today by designing, manufacturing and selling a portfolio of memory and storage products that include NVMe SSDs (form factors: AIC HHHL, U.2, and M.2), Memory Modules, Non-Volatile Memory DIMMs (NVDIMM-N), and Flash Cards. We will grow by introducing a Storage Class Memory (SCM) DIMM, using proven raw materials with embedded intelligence in a way that provides terabytes of persistent memory in industry standard servers that can be used today. Storage Class Memory will enable a new level of application acceleration for both Enterprise and Hyperscale in the 21st Century.

Facts & Figures

  • Joint Development

    Announced between Samsung & Netlist for product development

  • HybriDIMM

    Actively developing a Storage Class Memory DIMM for terabytes of Persistent Memory

  • 500%

    Turbo charge your MongoDB installation and increase your operations per second by 500% with NV4