NVMe SSD Data center (N1551)

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Netlist SSD low power and high-performance family of NVMeTM drives based on 3D NAND

Netlist NVMe SSD excels in the demanding workloads of Data Center applications. The N1551 family of SSDs are NVM Express v1.3 compliant with up to 3 DWPDs (Drive Writes Per Day) for 5 years, low power and high performance up to 3.2GB/s read throughput. Netlist N1551 NVMe drives are optimized to surpass the needs of Data Center users.

Advantages & Benefit

  • NVM Express v1.3 Compliant
  • Low Power
  • High Transfer Speeds
  • NVM Express Compliant Form Factor U.2 2.5 inch
  • AES256 Encryption to ensure data security
  • Crypto Erase
  • Thermal management Temperature setting
  • Virtualization that relies on multi namespaces to divide the capacity of the SSD
  • Dual port PCIe capability (U.2)

Ordering Information

Family Form Factor Capacity Part Number
N1551 D2
2.5”, U.2
3.84TB NS1551U713T8-5T1A000
N1551 E2
2.5”, U.2
1.6TB NS1551U731T6-5T1A000
3.2TB NS1551U733T2-5T1A000

For additional information, contact us at email ssd@netlist.com

For additional information, contact us at email ssd@netlist.com