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Industrial market requirements for Flash memory demand performance and reliability that the consumer based products cannot address. OEMs serving mission-critical applications—such as Datacenters, Storage, Virtualization, Telecommunications, Automation and Manufacturing, military, and medical applications—place highest value on reliability, speed, lifespan, and supply consistency. Available in several form factors, Netlist’s industrial-grade Flash products meet these challenges with best-in-class attributes:

  • Advanced static wear leveling, bad block management (BBM), error correction coding (ECC), and power management enable Netlist to offer solutions for these demanding applications
  • SLC and pSLC NAND based solutions provide the basic building blocks for demanding write and read applications in full Industrial temperature (-40°C to +85°C) grade solutions
  • Mechanical and environmental reliability enhancements withstand extreme temperature, shock, vibration, humidity, altitude, and ESD levels.
  • A fixed bill of materials (BOM), certified production processes, and vendor partnerships ensure a consistent, long-term supply source.