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The mSATA mini module provides the smallest form-factor, SSD storage for datacenter servers, networking and storage equipment. Ideal for:

    • Virtualization boot loaders
    • Boot and operating system loaders
    • Industrial embedded storage
    • Medical diagnostics equipment
    • Inventory management systems
    • Barcode readers
    • Multimedia storage/playback
    • Mobile Computing: Laptops, netbooks, tablets


    • SATA V2.6 compatible, NCQ support – 3.0Gbps
    • Static and dynamic wear leveling, with Bad Block and spare block management
    • Integrated hardware ECC circuit (BCH)
    • ONFI Flash support
    • SLC and MLC Large Block 8kB/page NAND support
    • On board 64MB DDR cache
    • Dimensions: 26.80 x 29.85mm (L x W)
  1. Tested using CrystalDiskMark V3.0.1 (Sequential Read/Write)
  2. Actual performance may vary on system configuration, environmental factors, memory capacity utililzation, operating system.
  3. Sustained Read/Write performance can be affected by many factors such as test benchmarks used, file size NAND configuration, NAND type, and total storage capacity. Higher capacity modules will typically have higher Read/Write performance.

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