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Netlist’s patented rank multiplication and load reduction technology, along with the most efficient distributed architecture delivers 32GB DRAM in a 2vRank DDR3 HyperCloud module. In addition to the maximum memory available on a DDR3 module, HyperCloud (HCDIMM) memory runs at 1333 MT/s in any memory configuration, including a fully populated server.

HCDIMMs take advantage of the 4 DPC (DIMMs per Channel) option on E5-2600 processor class servers, bringing 768GB memory to HPC (high performance computing) applications.

Increasing performance further, Netlist’s Advanced Distributed Architecture delivers the lowest memory latency throughput with the shortest data paths of any load-reduced memory.

This combination of high capacity and maximum speed delivers unmatched performance in the new class of E5-2600 processor servers. Big data, HPC, and virtualized applications need maximum memory, matched to the new class of servers and user demands.

  • Faster database queries
  • Greater number of concurrent database queries
  • Faster, more comprehensive HPC simulations
  • More VMs per server