PCI Express (PCIe) Cache Data Protection

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In the event of a system failure, subsystems with battery backed units (BBUs) require IT managers and technicians to respond quickly to recover the vital data upon a power fail condition – often within 24 to 72 hours – otherwise the data is lost and unrecoverable.

EXPRESSvault addresses these challenges with an architecture that ensures data in memory is immediately and reliably backed up without the use of expensive, inefficient UPS or battery technologies.

Simple to Use, Easy to Deploy and Cost Effective

The EXPRESSvault is a plug and play card that conveniently fits into a standard PCIe 3.0 x8 lane slot. The readily available PCIe slot on any off-the-shelf server or storage appliance eliminates the need for proprietary hardware and extra motherboard space. EXPRESSvault is provided with a Linux and or Windows driver compatible with standard PCIe peripheral command sets.

EXPRESSvault provides users many control and monitoring options to facilitate faster integration and verification, such as voltage monitoring, various backup and restore options, and interrupt support.


    • NVDIMM Densities: 8 GB, 16 GB
    • PCI Express Generation 3 (x8 lane)
    • Low Profile Form Factor: 167.65 x 68.9 mm (L x H)
    • Recharge time < 3 minutes
    • Tethered supercapacitor for backup power
    • Unlimited writes and endurance
    • DRAM performance, NAND persistence
    • Multi-card support


    • Multiple density options for different applications
    • Industry standard interface, agnostic to hardware
    • Small form factor for 1U rack solutions
    • Fast recovery to mitigate brown-outs
    • Maintenance-free back-up in case of power failure
    • Targeted at hot data and meta data
    • Commit of data in microseconds, fast cache rebuild
    • Scalable performance


NVRAM Density 8GB, and 16GB
Protocol PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0
Application Interface IOCTL, DMA
Operating System Support Windows 2012 / CentOS / Red Hat
Device Support Block and Character
Supercapacitor Off-DIMM / On-DIMM
Form-Factor Half-Height, Half Length (Low Profile PCIe Card)
Random R/W Performance +600K IOPs (4 kB Block Size)
Bandwidth 6 GB/s (16 kB Block Size or greater)
Latency 5 us to 20 us
Energy Supercapacitor, Recharge Time: < 4 minutes (8GB EV3)
Enterprise Class Features Health Monitoring, In-Field Programming, Configuration, Data Protection
Availability Now
Warranty 3-year limited warranty, advanced replacement option
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C
8GB Kit Part Number EV3-41HBT2NL-2221100
16GB Kit Part Number EV3-55HBT2NL-2111100

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